UX Strategist & UI Designer

with a dash of Vintage Curator

I'm Lea.

I'm a Michigan based UX Strategist and UI Designer, currently working on web GIS applications for a variety of clients from my home office. I'm comfortable with working on any step of the UX process. Some areas I'm stronger in than others, but I'm always striving to learn more and be more affective.

I enjoy working in a team. I love what can be accomplished through collaboration and constructive criticism. I also enjoy learning everyone’s story and backgrounds. It helps me get different perspectives in life and, I like to think it makes me more tolerant and open minded human being. 

When I'm not working on user flows and layouts, you can find me scouring estate and garage sales looking for cool vintage pieces to bring back to life and stock in my small Etsy store called Gnarled Wares.


UX Research & Strategy

Making products people love and actually use by having a deep understanding of customers through interviews, data diving, usability sessions and mapping (empathy, journey, experience).

UI Design

Taking the UX roadmap to the next level to really draw in people and get them excited about an experience.

Design Thinking

Knowing how to efficiently move through the Design Thinking Process collaboratively with teammates, but always open to new ideas on how to get the most out of everyone involved. 

Product Management

Combining UX expertise, management skills, natural curiosity and the ability to always step into the customers' shoes for the creation of better products and experiences.


If you are interested in more nitty gritty details, check out my LinkedIn profile or download my resume.