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File Cabinet to Modern Planter

File cabinet turned modern planter

I've always loved simple modern planters, but I don't love the price tag that is associated with them. I just can't seem to part with my $200-$500 to put something outside that just holds plants, no matter how lovely it is. There had to be a way to pull off the look without making my wallet cry.

After a little bit of time on Pinterest, I stumbled upon the idea of taking a file cabinet and converting it to a planter. It was the perfect, economical solution I was looking for! Now, I had a plan and I just needed to dig up the materials. Not having an old file cabinet, I bounced down to the local consignment shop to see what they had. After perusing their shelves of treasures, I came across a 2 drawer file cabinet stuffed in the corner and long forgotten. $10 later, the file cabinet was mine.

While I was wrestling the cabinet into the car, I noticed that the bottom was open which would make it extremely difficult to hold any dirt. Not a problem though, I could handle it. I swung by Home Depot on my way home and picked a piece of sheet metal. Since I was there I snagged some paint to updated the look of the well worn cabinet.

At home, I pulled the drawers out and flipped the cabinet on it's back so I could see what I was dealing with. Only things I needed to do was attach the metal and paint it. Pretty simple stuff! After measuring the bottom to see what size I needed to cut the sheet metal to, I put the metal on a flat hard surface and placed a straight edge on my cut lines. There are all sorts of ways to cut sheet metal, so I opted for the low tech version, a sharp utility knife. Since the metal was thin enough, I was able to get away with this method. I scored the metal 7-10 times and then bent the metal at the score to snap off the excess. Once I got the metal cut to size, I attached it to the cabinet with a bead of silicone and sheet metal screws.

After the silicon was set, it was time to beautify this now planter. I scuffed all the surfaces with sandpaper to remove some rust and tape from the cabinet and to give the paint something to stick too. Then it was time for paint. It took 2 spray cans of paint to get the finish I wanted, but it was worth the little extra time.

Overall, I think the piece turned out great and best of all it was easy on my wallet. I've got about $50 invested in this planter and couldn't be happier with way it turned out.


From file cabinet to planter.

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