City of Marietta, GA: Web App

Client: City of Marietta, GA

Platform: Web App

Timeframe: 2 months

Role: UX Designer

Extras: Wireframes

Problem to be solved:
Combine the functionality and update the technology for two applications (fire rescue app and event management app) into one easy to use responsive web application

People affected by this problem:
Firefighters, police, GIS professionals, and event specialists for the City of Marietta

High level steps taken to solve the problem:

  • Interviewed stakeholders to understand their business needs and dive into their professional needs. I also did my best to get some insight to the users of this app from the stakeholders since the users were not available to be interviewed.
  • Helped create the requirements for the application based on the city's budget and technology restrictions
  • Wireframed / prototyped clickable solution using Axure which was reviewed and shared with the stakeholders and developers
  • Made several rounds of revisions based on feedback
  • Moved into interface design using style cues from other city assets
  • Documented the design styling and handed the assets over to the developers to create the application and dashboard
  • Once the project went into development, I checked in and helped the developer work through development issues that were not discovered in the initial conversations with the client

Final Solution:
The final app was a web-based responsive site that accommodate 4 different user types. This site has become a source of pride for the city and they take any chance they can to show it off.

Web App Interface

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