eReverse: Web Site

Client: eReverse

Platform: Website

Timeframe: 2 months

Role: UX Designer

Extras: Wireframes

Problem to be solved:
Need to generate leads for a new business adventure for the ICG company while providing seniors a way to leverage their home to give them financial security

People affected by this problem:
Senior citizens and the director of the new busines adventurre 

High level steps taken to solve the problem:

  • Interviewed director to understand his business needs and goals
  • In that same interview, dug deep on what his customers look like and what types of customers he was looking for and why seniors would be interested in this option
  • Pulled together wireframes and walked the director through each page to educate him about the overall wireframing process as well as how we were meeting his goals while addressing seniors perceived goals
  • Once he signed off on the overall structure and flow of his site, we transitioned in the interface design keeping his clientele aesthetics in mind
  • Once we agreed upon a style, the site began to developed by a contract developer


Final solution:
The final product was a fully functional website.

Website Design

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