eReverse Website

With other other mortgage businesses in their portfolio, ICG company expanded their services to the reverse mortgage industry. They wanted the process to be as straightforward as possible, as well as, educational.


When approaching the design for this site, the client and I knew we had to make this experience approachable since reverse mortgages have gotten a bad rap. This was done by using photography that's relatable and providing real life scenarios in which a reverse mortgage would be a good option to pursue. We wanted to seniors have the thought, when they viewed the site, of "Hey, that's me. I'm just like them." 

Besides seniors, we also wanted to be able to relate to the family members who could be helping their parents with the decision making process. So, we created a section with articles that help answer questions that sons and/or daughters may have about the whole process. 

Mobile Site

Though the design for a smartphone was not at the top of the priority list for this client, I pushed them to still accommodate this device as a viewing option for seniors. The focus with this was make items large enough to be easily read and clickable. Technology can be frustrating for some seniors, we tried to ease this frustration. 

Logo Concepts


After the site was built, the client was able to acquire the URL they were hoping for. Since I originally created their eQualify logo, they reached out to me to create logo concepts for the name. They wanted this logo to look like it was in the same family as the eQualify mark. Knowing this, I kept the same color palette and font. Above is just a small sample of what was provided.