GISi: Creating a UX Practice

Role: UX Advocate 

Timeframe: 3 years plus

Botox for Your Interface: 10 tips to smooth out the design wrinkles in your application
Cats & Dogs: How Designers & Developers Collaborate

Problem to be solved:
Educate a company of 150 about User Experience Design

People affected by this problem:
Developers, GIS analysts, business unit managers, technical architects, and salesmen

High level steps taken to solve the problem:

  • Started researching the level of competency when it came to UX design across the company. This was done through having a dozen or so conversations with people in different roles.
  • Discovered the overall company had very little and some instances no knowledge of what UX design encompassed or how to work with a designer. 
  • Started with the basics and created a quick list of points of what to expect out of and how to work with a designer. I passed this information to each project leader I began to work with. 
  • Created a book list for those who had more interest in UX
  • Created UX Design group on Yammer to share UX tips, tricks, and articles
  • Held a few brown bag lunches to get the word out the company had a designer 
  • Created a UX 101 site as reference that talked more in-depth about UX process and gave the examples of what to expect at each step of the process
  • Created a icon search engine called Icon Alley to curb the prolific icon snatching from the web without regard to copyright infringement
  • Presented at the all in-person company meeting twice which is held at a different location each year. 

UX Design 101 Education Site

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Icon Alley: Internal icon search engine

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