GISinc: Site Suitability 

Based on Esri map services, Site Suitability is a customizable product that allows companies to plug in their data to evaluate. This tool has been used to track company assets, route evaluation of deliveries and pick-ups, forecast new location performance, and analyze market share. 

This product is a business tool primarily used within companies.

Web Application


Site Suitability was created to a responsive design. The color palette can be adjust to the client's branding guidelines and there is a wide variety of tools that can be plugged in. If the tool hasn't been created, there is the option to get a custom tool developed and implemented to meet the client's needs. In addition to tools, different data types can be displayed in bottom panels for evaluation.

The example pop-ups above allow the user to get sales information for specific stores in the chain and draws a radius around the location to see if there is any overlap / cannibalization with other stores.