Great Lakes Stair: Web Site

Client: Great Lakes Stair & Millworks

Platform: Website

Timeframe: 3 months

Role: UX Designer

Extras: Wireframes

Problem to be solved:
Need to generate more leads for the company via less traditional ways to increase his business.

People affected by this problem:
Company owner 

High level steps taken to solve the problem:

  • Interviewed owner to understand his business needs and what areas he would like to see the increase sales in
  • In that same interview, dug deep on what his customers look like and what types of customers he was looking for
  • Pulled together wireframes and walked the owner through each page to educate him about the overall wireframing process as well as how we were meeting his goals
  • Once he signed off on the overall structure and flow of his site, we transitioned in the interface design keeping his clientele aesthetics in mind
  • Once we agreed upon a style, the site began to developed by a contract developer


Final solution:
The final product was a fully functional website that could be updated in the future via a content management system. 

Website Design

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