Great Lakes Stairs Website

Great Lakes Stairs needed to move from their old outdated 90's site to something new and easy to update for them. Since the client was not accustomed to the ways of creating a web site, I held his hand, explained each step to him and why going through this process was important to his end goal of generating more leads. 

Thought there has been a few changes to the site since it's launched, the majority of the design is still entact. Check it out.


This is an example of some the wireframes provided to the client. I chose a simple .pdf format for delivery and review. I did this so the client would focus on the content of the pages and not the technology behind them. Sometimes going old school is the best way to get results. 


The client informed me the majority of his clients were male and wanted the site design to attract to them. After a little persuasion, I got the client to see having balanced design that attracted everyone would be in the best interest of meeting his goals. With warm wood tones and a combination of script/san serif fonts, we achieved that balance.