Helena: AGRIntelligence

AGRIntelligence is a custom built software application that assists Helena to educate their customers (farmers) on how to get the most out of their farming operations.This software is used why variety users with varying knowledge of technology. We started out with designing for the most robust user, so we could migrate the data from another system to this new one. 

With this project, we used Agile Development methodology. 

Web-based Application

This part of the application focuses on the property a customer owns. It shows the boundaries of each field, what activities have happened on the field (spraying for weeds, planting grains, harvesting), and recommendations to get better production out of the field. 

During this process, 100's of wireframes were created to capture all the details that needed to be collected and displayed. Beyond that, I learned a lot about farming and farming equipment. The sophistication of machinery today is fascinating.

I also created a style guide using Pattern Lab by Brad Frost for all of the developers to reference when building out different components of the site. 

Admin Screens

The admin back-end allowed admins to add new equipment with all it's specs, new products for sales reps to sell to customers, manage users as well as many other options. It needed to flexible since the industry is ever changing. 

The focus on this piece was to make the data entry easy as possible, and to find economies when it came to applying attributes to group. 


Mobile App

The mobile app was specifically design for Precision Ag Tech. These are guys that go out in the field and put in the work. One day they could be doing samples to see what pests are disturbing the crops. The next day they could be mapping a field boundaries or putting fertilizer on a field. They need a tool that was easy for them to carry around and get information into their customers account for account reps and/or agronomists to evaluate.


After a week of meetings/conversations with the client, I came up with these 6 different users types to reference throughout the project. I wasn't able to talk to users in each group due to the secrecy of the project, but the client did make available users in the 3 prominent personas (Power User, Admin Power User, Precision Ag Tech).