Marathon: Mobile App

Client: Marathon Pipe Line LLC

Platform: Mobile Native App & Web

Timeframe: 3 months

Role: UX Designer


Problem to be solved:
Right of way (ROW) inspections for with the pipeline were cumbersome, riddled with inaccuracies, and poor communication

People affected by this problem:
Pilots, ground crews, coordinators at headquarters and the manager responsible for the company to be federally compliant

High level steps taken to solve the problem:

  • Interviewed stakeholders as well as users of the system to get a full understanding of the needs of each group and to understand the process they currently were using
  • Developed personas for the different users and reviewed these with a representative of each type as well as the stakeholders and our developers
  • Wireframed / prototyped clickable solution using Axure which was reviewed and shared with the stakeholders, potential users, and developers
  • Made several rounds of revisions based on feedback and developing project requirements
  • Moved into interface design using the Marathon style guide to make sure the product looked like their brand
  • Documented the design styling and handed the assets over to the developers to create the application and dashboard

Final Solution:
This solution required 3 pieces. A native Windows mobile app to be used on a Toughpad, responsive web-based dashboard, and a series of scanable emails to get pertinent information. 

Mobile App Interface

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Web Dashboard

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