Rental Bug: Web Site

Client: Rental Bug

Platform: Website

Timeframe: 2 months

Role: UX Designer

Problem to be solved:
Update the interface styling to look more professional and build out a customer friendly work flow to list properties

People affected by this problem:
Site owner and the property owners looking to list their properties

High level steps taken to solve the problem:

  • Interview the owner about where she was at with the business and her vision for the future
  • Evaluated the current site as potentional renter and property owner looking to rent my place
  • Wireframed the potentional renter facing side of the site, property owner account side, as well as the site admin aspect of the site
  • Worked with owner, through revisions and simplifying the process as much as possible for this technically savvy people
  • Once she signed off on the overall structure and flow of the site, we transitioned in the interface design 
  • Once we agreed upon a style, the site began to developed by a contract developer

Final solution:
The final product was a great website design that made the client's life easier in maintaining her website while letting her customers have more control over their listing(s). It also gave her enough of edge that eventually caught a competitor's eye whom offered to buy her company. 

Website Design

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