Rental Bug Website

Rental Bug is a site to search for Michigan based vacation rentals. The previous version of the site required a lot of work on the owner's part to get properties into the system. She had to manually enter each rental's info into the database. With the new site design, she not only wanted to update the look but also create an easy work flow for vacation property owners to enter and manage their own information.

The owner also had another goal above and beyond a better user experience. She wanted to sell the site. With the redesign, she caught the eye of a competitor whom offered to buy her company. 


With this client, we wireframed the whole site and worked through any work flow issues in weekly meetings. Since she had a background in the web, this a very collaborative process. Once we worked through all the kinks, I moved into design/styling of the site. We wanted to keep it light and airy to tie in with her logo.